Foreign Direct Investment in Malaysia increases in Q3

19 Nov 2018

EarthMalaysia’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has risen from RM590.3 billion recorded in Quarter 2 in 2018, to RM614.7 billion in Quarter 3, according to the Department of Statistics (DoS).

The manufacturing sector was the highest FDI recipient at 41.4%, whilst financial and insurance/takaful activities followed with 22.3%, and wholesale and retail trade followed with 7.2%.

The DoS said, “The top three FDI countries were Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.”

Direct Investment Abroad (DIA) also increased from RM481.0 billion in Quarter 2 to RM491.3 billion in Quarter 3 – mainly in financial and insurance/takaful activities at 37.7%, followed by mining and quarrying at 16.7% and agriculture sectors at 8.1%.

Singapore, Indonesia and the Cayman Islands were the main destinations for Malaysia’s DIA.

DoS said Malaysia’s financial liabilities also increased to RM1.81 trillion in the third quarter, from RM1.76 trillion in the previous quarter.

Total assets increased to RM1.698 trillion from RM1.683 trillion in Quarter 2 – with higher net liabilities of RM112.2 billion from RM79.7 billion in the previous quarter.

“Portfolio investment registered higher net liabilities position of RM287.5 billion from RM272.2 billion in the second quarter, while other investments recorded net liabilities of RM129.0 billion compared with RM123.6 billion previously.

“As at end of September 2018, the international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia stood at RM426.9 billion, from RM423.3 billion in June,” said the DoS.